Terracotta Designer Water Bottle 1 lt.


Name: Designer 1 Liter Bottle(Terracotta)
Code: BOB2W2J1QS
Description: Bengal Terracotta – Baked Earth  Bottle
Material: Baked Clay
Color: Brick Red
Box Size: 39 cm x 22 cm x 17 cm
Volumetric Weight: 2917 gm
Care: Wipe with dry, soft cloth when needed.
Utility: Table Accent, Dining

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Terracotta, the ancient art form which flows the earth into our souls. Originating in the Indus Valley Civilization, the art form has adapted & enriched over the years with artisans uninhibited in their imagination and creativity.

This TERRACOTTA DESIGNER WATER BOTTLE is an excellent piece of creativity by rural terracotta artisan of  West Bengal.

Special Note: Traditional hand carved art form, Kindly allow minor crafting defects.

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Weight 2917 g