Terracotta Water Bottle 1.5 liter


Name: Terracotta Water Bottle 1.5 Lit
Description: Bengal Terracotta
Material: Baked Clay
SKU: TK0722DAB151
Color: Brick red(Original Terracotta Color, Matt Finish)
Box Size: 39 cm x 22 cm x 17 cm
Volumetric Weight:  2917 gm

Care: Clean with plain water or mild liquid soap. Rinse with sufficient water.
Utility: Water Bottle, Dining Accessory, Kitchen Utensil


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Terracotta earthen bottles are known for it’s health benefits. Indians traditionally drink water from earthen vessels. Earthen bottles cool the water naturally to the limit it doesn’t harm your body. Supply added minerals which are removed by RO. Controls Ph balance reduces acidity. It is suggested that people of any age, specially older people should drink water kept whole night in earthen vessels which turns it to alkaline and benefits whole body.

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Weight 2917 g